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Orielton         (Jottings)

The Modern house is on a site which has been occupied by successive residences, since at least 1188, when Giraldus Cambrensis found Stephen Wirriot in possession, and the house haunted by unclean spirits. In 1583 the property passed by marriage to Sir Hugh Owen of Bodowen in Anglesey and his descendants remained there until 1809. The new owner built the present house which has passed through various hands and was bought in 1954 by the naturalist and writer R. M. Lockley for development as a bird sanctuary.

Acc/to Your Life in the county April 1996 Nannette Pearce.

Pembrokeshire Life investigates the county's rich heritage of historic houses.

On the left of the road leading from Hundleton to the Speculation Inn and Castlemartin, a beauti­ful white layer cake of a house, which was once said to have a window for every day of the year, looks down out of the trees on to a sweep of farmland.

This is Orielton House, now a Field Studies Centre. But for 300 years it was the home of the Owen family and before this the Wyrriotts, a great mansion with a huge estate and once the hub of political power in Pembrokeshire.

The history of this house is fascinating. Many great houses in Pembrokeshire fell into ruins, or like Stackpole Court, were demolished by their owners, but the families lived on. Orielton survived as a mansion, but the three gentry families who lived there are gone.

Wyrriotts held it from the reign of Henry II until 1571, when the daughter and sole heiress of George Wyrriott married Sir Hugh Owen of Bodeon in Anglesey and the two estates were united by several dynastic marriages, all vastly profitable unions.

All good homes have a ghost story and the Wyrriotts were men mentioned by Gerald of Wales, Geraldus Cambrensis, who tells of "an unclean spirit, that haunted the house of Stephen Wyrriott".

Apparently this ghost appeared to people who had an uneasy conscience and in reply to their taunts upbraided them by recounting their secret doings which they wished to keep from the knowledge of others.

This unpleasant blackmailing ghost was recorded by Gerald in 1188 and the Wyrriotts were already a noble family. George Wyrriott, last of his line and father to Elizabeth wore the livery of his great patron the Earl of Essex. Major Francis Jones, Wales Herald, in a monograph on the Owens of Orielton lists the properties which were part of the estate - an enormous slice of Wales.

At this period the mansion of Orielton was not the one we see now but a fine old house higher up on the hill, now the site of the American Garden, so-called. Hugh was a minor when he married, but received a knighthood in 1641 from Charles I and the next day was created a baronet. He chose for the supporters of his coat of arms `two hairy men' each carrying a tree over their shoulder which formed the ancient Wyrriott crest. Visitors to Monkton Priory can see Owen's tomb with the supporters in situ.

However this house was not grand enough for the wealthy young baronet. He pulled it down and built a fine Tudor house much lower down the hill, but even then with a marvellous view, and the stone was quarried where the remains of the American Garden now stand. It was a huge house, whose foundations are visible to this day in the cellars of the third and present house.

The Gazebo was built about this time too, possibly on the site of an old look-out tower.

It is in private ownership, as is the walled garden which only retains its walls and a couple of gates. Interestingly the mixture of grey stone and red sandstone used in the building of the Gazebo was also the colour scheme of the old Tudor house. Stone from the Wyrriott house was used in the new one, but it was never said that the ghost travelled downhill!

Owen followed Owen, all intensely political animals, given to rich marriages and incessant spending on local elections and national politics. In the end it was electioneering rather than mismanagement of their estates which brought about their downfall. It would be hard to exaggerate the influence of the family or overestimate the completeness of their fall. Each succeeding Owen had his own particular ideas about embellishing Orielton, usually at high cost.

In 1736 it was visited by William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, when Sir Arthur Owen was planting some of the woods which surrounded his home. A letter from John Wright writing from Stackpole Court to Pryce Campbell at Wimbledon reads:- We came to Orielton where we dined and Sir Arthur showed us all the rarities of his house. One thing I thought odd, and that was when Sir Arthur called for his horse, I thought it was to send us part of the way home, but that was to ride about the gardens to show (Mr. Pitt) his plantations. He was extremely pleased with the Governor and Mr Pitt, for approving his designs.

Time passed. Sir Arthur died and another Hugh suc­ceeded, fifth Baronet of Orielton, Landshipping and Bodeon, born 1729. He was Lord Lieutenant of Pembrokeshire and Member of Parliament for the County like his father and grandfather before him. He held the seat until his death and when not in London he lived at Orielton and entertained lavishly.

His steward, William Humphreys, listed in May 1777 the servants in the household:- At Orielton, a House Steward, Bailiff, Gamekeeper, two Gardeners, eight labourers to assist in the gardens, hot houses, succes­sion house, melon house, walks, plantation only. Ten household male servants, exclusive of fifty other labour­ers hired for the day for other business appertaining to out-office and husbandry matters, in addition a cooper, four carpenters and two labourers to attend them-.

A much less elaborate life style was carried on at Landshipping, where another smaller country house was maintained by the heirs apparent to the title until their succession to the honours of Orielton.

In 1775 Sir Hugh had married a woman much younger than himself, Anna daughter of John Colby of Bletherston, who was to outlive him by nearly forty years. Their son Hugh, the sixth Baronet, was only four years old when his father died, and naturally was greatly under the thumb of his mother until his majority, with a set of warring trustees who played ducks and drakes with his inheritance. He was educated at Eton and Christchurch, Oxford, and when he came of age on September 12 1803 five thousand guests were invited to the party, and it is said six thousand came!

He died unmarried at 27 years of age, leaving his fortune and estates away from the true line to his cousin, John Lord, son of Corbetta Owen who married Joseph Lord. His mother was suspected in the countryside of having put a spider in his dead mouth to simulate life and movement when the Will was signed in front of witnesses. John Lord then rapidly changed his name to Owen, requested and was accorded the second baronetcy. There was then the proper heir, Arthur Owen, his father's cousin, seventh baronet of Orielton, without a copper to his name or a field of the estate.

John, the first baronet of the second line, managed to decimate his inheritance completely until in 1842 the furniture and plate of Orielton were sold on the lawns.

There are boxes and boxes of his mortgages preserved in the National Library of Wales. His debts multi­plied almost by the hour, culminating in a disastrous Parliamentary election in 1831 where he fought Greville, a reformer, for the seat and won. But it cost him his great house and almost all his ill-gotten gains, while Sir Arthur struggled pathetically to keep up his title shorn of all the worldly goods he had naturally expected to inherit.

Orielton was then put up for sale with its remaining properties. Oddly enough by 1857 when the unlucky Sir John had gambled and spent his fortune away, his brother Edward Lord, Corbetta's second son, had acquired for himself a very large land holding in Tasmania, known as "Orielton Estate" to this day.

The great sale documents drawn up with care to puff a public auction to any possible holders were especially interesting to gardeners.

It advertised - on the south side of the mansion is a beautiful wood through which extensive walks are cut leading to a singularly beautiful pleasure garden of about four acres, walled around, in American and French gardening, planted with the choicest flowering and other shrubs in great profusion with gravelled and grass walks and to the south is a raised terrace with rustic summer house.

This has now long vanished but in 1939 it still existed and was kept up by the Gaddum family. In fact the estate was bought in its entirety by the Reverend John Jones, the owner of Skerry Rocks which were wanted for a lighthouse by Trinity House.

A gentleman from Cardiganshire, Mark Anthony Saurin married Miss Jones in 1844 and it was her magnificent dowry that enabled him to buy Orielton. She was, a plain woman who is reputed to have nursed him back to health when he fell into a lake fishing - the neighbours are quoted as saying:- Mark Anthony made a lucky cast when, he caught Miss Jones! The Saurins favoured retrenchment rather than expansion and Mark Anthony did away with the north patio and a veranda on the facade and about a third of the rooms, rather more than he intended, according to his son. They could hardly have been a greater contrast to the previous owners - Ulster Protestants of narrow tastes, having no grandiose political ambitions. But they were country gentlemen of Huguenot origin, descended from Bishops of Dromore and far back into the l6th Century, the chivalry of France. Squire Saurin was the last man to ring a bell in his library to summon the coachman via a connecting bell in the stables, to bring up his carriage. In 1919 just after the end of the First World War, Mr Mackworth Praed of London bought Orielton from Mr. Morgan James Saurin and leased it subsequently to a succession of tenants.

A Mr. de Winton was tenant for a time, he built a Japanese garden at the far end of the lily pond, and a penniless Spanish Count, Conte d'Arretano, who had to buy vegetables from the Head Gardener, Mr Alfred Hitchcox and according to the Under Gardener, Mr Denis Williams seldom had money to pay with!

By 1939 the house and gardens had undergone many vicissitudes but a loving and caring owner in the form of Mr Arthur Gaddum then bought it for a main residence for his wife and his daughter, Mary, and they lived there until his death (with the RAF in residence some of the war years) when it was sold to Ronald Lockley for £5,000.

In 1963 it was acquired by the Field Studies Council and is extremely well kept up.

The Saurins are buried in Hundleton Churchyard (which they gifted to the Parish) and several Owens in fine monumental tombs in Monkton Priory, but the house lives on.

The famous Orielton Duck Decoy, managed by Mr. Stanley Greenslade, in late years, was located on the Decoy Lake to the west of the house - at one time wintering numbers were in the region of 10,000 to 12,000 ducks of which 90 percent were widgeon. It fell into disuse during the First World War and was then resurrected in 1934 for ringing purposes. In January 1948 a photograph was taken for The Times newspaper, showing Mr. Greenslade and an unknown visitor releasing a widgeon.

Nearby Seven Barrows a number of barrows opened by Fenton.

Ruined cromlech called Devil's Quoit.

At Corston, in a field called Beacon Park a fine Bronze Age burial cist was opened in 1928 and found to contain the remains of a man from about 1600 BC with a bronze dagger by his side.

Wales in the Eighteenth Century edited by Donald Moore.

Polling partisans of the Owen family of Orielton wielded pitchforks at polling in Pembroke in 1741 to keep opponents out of the polling Hall.

1124 Stephen Wirriott of Orielton was mentioned in some of the chronicles of battles of which the history of those times almost entirely consisted.

1295 the Wirriotts of Orielton are spoken of as having a 'strong  house' there. As all houses were fortified at that time, it was probably extra strong.

In 1580 one Thomas Wirriott was the bitter enemy of Sir John Perrott of Carew; in fact, Sir John's fall was greatly due to his untiring enmity. Wirriott was imprisoned in the Marshalsea during the quarrels and when he lost £1000 in a lawsuit with Sir John, he was thrown into Haverfordwest Gaol in default of payment.

In Lewis Dwnn's Visitation mention is made among gentlemen residing in Pembrokeshire between 1588 and 1613, of Sir Hugh Owen, Knt. of Bodeon, near Aberffraw, Anglesey, who had married Elizabeth, heiress of the Wirriotts of Orielton; he was M.P. for Pembroke Boroughs in 1640, and in 1644 his son Arthur was one of a Committee nominated by Parliament for the defence and safety of Pembrokeshire and the adjoining counties.

One of the natural daughters of Sir Rhys ap Thomas (who died at Carew Castle 1527), Margaret married Henry Wirriott of Orielton, Sheriff in 1549; their son, George had a son who died young, and an only daughter, the Elizabeth aforementioned who married Sir Hugh Owen of Bodeon.

There was again a link with Anglesey in later times when Sir Hugh Owen, second Baronet, married in 1664, Arme, daughter and heiress of Henry Owen of Bodeon. The first connection is recorded in Boulston Church, on a monument to Lewis Wogan, Esq. of Boulston, who died in 1692. Among his four great-grand-fathers and mothers is mentioned Sir Hugh Owen of Bodeon, Anglesey, and Elizabeth Wirriott of Orielton, Pembrokeshire, whose daughter must therefore have been Lewis's mother, probably one Brances Owen of Orielton, whose death, with that of her husband, Morris Wogan, Esq., is recorded on another monument in the same church.

1713 Sir Arthur Owen was Whig Member for the Pembroke Boroughs.

1803, when Sir Hugh Owen, sixth Baronet, came of age, 5000 persons are said to have attended the festivities. He died six years after, leaving Orielton and Bodeon away from his cousin Arthur, the succeeding Baronet, to another cousin, John Lord. Lord took the, name of Owen, and was created Baronet in 1813.

He died in 1861, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Sir  Hugh Owen, who sold Orielton to M. A. Saurin, Esq., of Kilwendeg, near Boncath; he had married Margaretta  Jones, niece and heiress to the owner of that place.


Names in the History of ORIELTON  ©B H J Hughes 1997

The information on this listing was taken from Pemb Hist Vol 5 Owen of Orielton.

Surname/2nd Res.    Forename/info                 Date            Main Residence

Wyrriott                    David (Sir)                    1300            Orielton                                                   

Wyrriot                     Richard                          1314            Orielton                                                   

                        Sheriff of Carmarthen                                       

Wyrriot                     Richard                          1317            Orielton                                                   

                        Sheriff of Carmarthen                                      

Wyrriot                     Richard (Sir)      1323            Orielton                                                              


Wyrriot                     Richard                          1384            Orielton                                

Manorbier                                                             spouse:-  Elen Huscard       

Huscard                    Elen                               1384            Orielton

                                                                      spouse:-  Richard Wyrriot    

Wyrriot                     Thomas                          1459            Orielton

                        Sheriff of Pembroke                                        

Wyrriot                    Thomas                           1482            Orielton

Wyrriot                     Henry                             1526            Orielton

                        Lord of the moiety of Cosheston                            

Wyrriot                     Henry                             1530            Orielton

                                                                      spouse:- Margaret ap Thomas 

ap Thomas\Wyrriot   Margaret            1530            Orielton

Dynevor             nat dau. of Sir Rhys ap Thomas                    spouse:-  Henry Wyrriot      

Wyrriot                    Henry                              1542-44         Orielton

                    Commissioner lay subsidies Pem & Tenby                     

ap Hugh                   Owen                               1545            Bodeon

                    MP for Newborough-High Sheriff & JP 1563          spouse:- 1 Elizabeth        2 Isabel

Wyrriot                    Henry                              1549 & 59       Orielton

                    High Sheriff

Wyrriot                   Henry                               1551            Orielton

                    Escheator of Pembrokeshire                                 

Owen                     Hugh                                1571 marr       Bodeon

Orielton            second son of Owen ab Hugh of Bodeon              spouse:- Elizabeth Wyrriot  

Owen                     Hugh                                1574            Orielton

                    Recorder of Carmarthen                            spouse:-  Elizabeth Wyrriot  

Wyrriot                 George                               1587            Orielton

                    JP         (supporter of the Earl of Essex)                        

Owen                   Morris                                 1588 dead       Orielton

                    son of Hugh Owen and Elizabeth                              

Phillips                  John                                   1590c           Picton Castle

                    dau.Jane mar. George Wyrriot                      spouse:- Elizabeth Gruffydd 

Gruffydd               Elizabeth                          1590c           Penrhyn

Picton Castle                                                         spouse:- John Phillips      

Phillips                  Jane                                   1590c           Picton Castle

Orielton            daughter of John Phillips,Picton Castle           spouse:- George Wyrriot     

Lloyd                    David                                1597-8          Forest Brechfa

Pengwernoleu         son  and heir of Griffith Lloyd                  spouse:- Jane Owen -very unhappy

Wyrriot                 George                               1599            Orielton

                    co-lord of several manors                         spouse:- Jane Philipps  

Wyrriot                 Elizabeth                            1599c           Orielton

                    dau & heiress of George Wyrriot                   spouse:- Hugh Owen

Wogan                 Morris                                 1603 Apr 21     Boulston

                    date of marriage                                  spouse:- Francis Wogan      

Owen                 Hugh, Colonel                      1610 born       Bodeon

                    eldest son of William and Jane Owen

Owen                  John                                     1612            Orielton

                    eldest son Hugh and Elizabeth                     spouse:-  Dorothy Laugharne  

Owen / Barlow     Mary                                  1612            Orielton

Creswell & Lawrenny  dau of John and Dorothy                          spouse:-  Lewis Barlow       

Owen                Anne                                      1612 Oct 8      Orielton

Stone Hall & Trecwn  dau of John and Dorothy                          spouse:-  1 Wogan 2 Owen     

Owen                John                                       1612 Oct 8      Orielton

                    2nd son John and Dorothy

Owen                Arthur                                    1612 Oct 8      Orielton

Newmoat             3rd son of John and Dorothy                       spouse:-  Mary Philipps (wdw)

Phillips            Mary                                        1612?           Picton Castle

Newmoat             dau of Sir John Philipps Picton Castle            spouse:- 1Scourfield 2 Owen 

Phillips/Scourfield Mary                                 1612?           Picton Castle

Newmoat             dau of Sir John Phillips     wdw of John Scourfield

Scourfield          John                                      1612?           Newmoat

                    widow mar Arthur Owen                             spouse:- Mary Philipps      

Owen                Richard                                  1613            Orielton

                    son of Hugh & Lucy Owen?                                   

Owen                Jane                                       1613            Orielton

Forest Brechfa      dau of Hugh Owen and Elizabeth                    spouse:-  David Lloyd        

Owen                William                                  1613            Orielton

Bodeon              second son of Hugh and Elizabeth                  spouse:-  Jane Williams      

Williams            Jane                                       1610c           Orielton

Vaynol              daughter of William Williams of Vaynol            spouse:- William Owen       

Owen                Ann                                       1613            Orielton

Presaddfed Anglesey         dau of Hugh and Elizabeth                 spouse:- John Lewis         

Owen                Percy                                     1613            Orielton

                    son of Hugh and Lucy?                                      

Owen                Francis                                   1613            Orielton

Boulston            married 1603 Nov 10 dau.Hugh\Elizabeth            spouse:- Morris Wogan       

Owen                Sibyl                                      1613            Orielton

Wiston              dau of Hugh Owen and Elizabeth                    spouse:- William Wogan      

Wyrriot             Hugh                                      1613-14 Feb 8   Orielton

Bodowen             died buried Monkton                               spouse:- 1 Elizabeth 2 Lucy?

Laugharne           John                        1613c           St Brides

                    son was Major General Rowland Laugharne           spouse:- Janet Owen         

Owen                Janet                                      1613c           Orielton

St Brides           dau of Hugh and Elizabeth                         spouse:- John Laugharne     

Lewis               John                                        1613c           Presaddfed Anglesey

                    kinsman of his wife                               spouse:- Ann Owen

Owen                Lucy                                      1613c           Orielton

                    Widow of Sir James Wotton                         spouse:- Hugh Owen          

Wogan               William                                 1625 died       Wiston

                   had 12 children died at Lawrenny                   spouse:- Sibyl Owen         

Owen                Hugh Sir                                1629            Orielton

                    1629 1st wife died                                spouse:- Frances Philipps   

Owen                Elizabeth                               1629            Orielton

Carnarvonshire      dau of Sir Hugh and Frances                       spouse:- John Glynne        

Owen                Dorothy                                 1629            Orielton

                    dau of Sir Hugh and Frances             unmarried alive 1670

Owen                Mary                                      1629            Orielton

Moat                dau of Sir Hugh and Katherine                     spouse:- William Scourfield 

Lewis \ Owen        Katherine                          1629(after)mar  Orielton

Prescoed            widow of John Lewis of Prescoed                   spouse:- Sir Hugh Owen      

Owen                Hugh Sir                                1629(after)mar  Orielton

                                                                      spouse:- 2  Katherine Lewis 

Philipps/Owen       Francis                              1629 died       Picton Castle

Orielton            dau of Sir John Philipps   Picton Castle          spouse:- Sir Hugh Owen      

Owen                William                                  1631            Orielton

Bodoen                                                                spouse:- Jane Williams      

Owen                Anne                                      1631 marr. (1)  Orielton

Stone Hall          dau of John & Dorothy                             spouse:- William Wogan      

Wogan               William                                  1631m 1645 died Stone Hall St Lawrence parish

                    had a son and two daughters                       spouse:- Anne Owen          

Owen                Arthur                                    1633            Orielton

                    called to the Bar                                          

Wogan               Morris                                   1640 Apr 21 diedBoulston

                                                                      spouse:- Francis Owen        

Laugharne           Rowland Mjr Gen.              1640s           St Brides

                    son of John Laugharne and Janet Owen

Barlow              Lewis                                     1641 & 1668     Cresswell & Lawrenny

                    High Sheriff                                      spouse:- Mary Owen          

Owen                Arthur                                    1643            Orielton

                    Mjr in Laugharne's Army afterwards Colonel

Owen                Arthur                                    1645-48 & 54-5  Orielton

                    M.P   also from 1660 till his death                         

Owen (2nd Baronet)  Sir Hugh                      1645? born      Orielton

                    son of Sir Hugh and Katherine                              

Owen                Arthur                                    1647 baptised   Richmond Surrey

                    son of Sir Hugh and Katherine                              

Wogan nee Owen      Anne  (wdw)                1648 marr       Orielton  Stone Hall


Owen nee Laugharne  Dorothy                       1652-3 died70yr Orielton

(St Brides)         widow of John Owen who died in 1612               spouse:- John Owen          

Lewis/Owen          Anne                                 1655            Presaddfed

Orielton            her mother married her father in law              spouse:- John Owen          

Lewis\Owen\Trevor   Anne                            1655 after      Orielton

                    after death of John Owen married                  spouse:- Colonel Trevor     

Owen                John                                       1655 Dec 21died Orielton

                    eldest son of Sir Hugh and Frances 21yrs          spouse:- Anne Lewis         

Owen                Wyrriot                                  1657 died pre   Orielton

                    son of Sir Hugh and Frances                                 

Owen/Wogan          Francis                            1658-9 died     Boulston

Philbeach           dau. Hugh\Elizabeth -widow of Morris              spouse:- Morris Wogan       

Owen                Henry                                    1659 Oct 21     Bodeon

                    second son of William and Jane Owen               spouse:- Elizabeth Gwyn     

Owen                Hugh, Colonel           1659 Oct 21 diedBodeon

                    eldest son of William and Jane Owen                        

Gwyn                Elizabeth                               1659c           Bodoen

Maesoglen           dau.& heiress of Hugh Gwyn of Maesoglen           spouse:- Henry Owen         

Owen (2nd Baronet)  Sir Hugh                      1660 & 1678-81  Orielton

                    MP - also from 1689-91 High Sheriff 64            spouse:- Anne Owen          

Owen                John                                       1662            Newmoat

                    son of Arthur and Mary                            spouse:- Dorothy Owen       

Scourfield          William                                 1663            Moat

                    High Sheriff                                      spouse:- Mary Owen          

Owen                Anne                                      1664            Bodoen & Maesoglen

Orielton            dau. heiress of Henry and Elizabeth Owen          spouse:- Hugh Owen          

Owen                Henry (1)                               1664 (after)    Orielton

                    son of Anne and Sir Hugh - died young                        

Owen                Henry (2)                               1664 (after)    Orielton

                    son of Anne and Sir Hugh - died young                      

Owen                Dorothy                                 1664 after      Orielton

                    dau of Anne and Sir Hugh - died young                        

Owen                John                                       1664 after      Orielton

                    son of Anne and Sir Hugh - died young                      

Owen                William                                  1664 after      Orielton

                    son of Anne and Sir Hugh - died young                      

Owen (2nd Baronet)  Sir Hugh                      1664 marr       Landshipping

Orielton            son of Sir Hugh and Katherine                     spouse:- Anne Owen          

Owen                Dorothy                                 1666            Trecwn

Newmoat             dau and heiress of Thomas Owen - Trecwn           spouse:- John Owen          

Owen                John                                       1666 married    Newmoat

                    wife dau and heiress of Thomas Owen               spouse:- Dorothy Owen       

Owen                Arthur                                    1668 marr       Orielton

Johnston Hall       son of Sir Hugh and Katherine                     spouse:- Elizabeth Horsey 

Owen                Sir Hugh                                1670 died 66yrs Orielton

                                                                      spouse:- Katherine Owen     

Owen                Elizabeth                               1670c           Orielton

Park, Merioneth     dau of Anne and Sir Hugh                          spouse:- 1 William L Annwyl 

Owen                Katherine (widow)   1671            Landshipping

Orielton            granted six farms by her son Sir Hugh             spouse:- Sir Hugh Owen      

Wogan               Edward                                 1674 born       Boulston

                    son of Lewis Wogan of Boulston                    spouse:- Mary Owen          

Owen                Arthur                                    1678 died       Newmoat

Orielton                                                              spouse:- Mary Philipps (wdw)

Owen                Arthur                                    1678-81,85-95   Pembroke

                    MP                                                spouse:- Mary Powell        

Owen                John                                       1678-9          Newmoat

                    MP                                                spouse:- Dorothy Owen       

Barlow              Lewis                                     1681 Aug 6 died Cresswell & Lawrenny

                    left issue                                        spouse:- Mary Owen          

Horsey/Owen         Elizabeth              1681 died       Johnson Hall

                    dau of Cpt John Horsey/Elizabeth                  spouse:- Arthur Owen        

Powell/Owen         Mary                     1683 Aug 4 marr Pembroke and Tamworth

                    dau of Morgan Powell of Pembroke                  spouse:- Arthur Owen        

Owen                Arthur                                    1683 Jan 8 marr2Kensington

                                                                      spouse:- Mary Powell        

Owen/ Wogan         Mary                               1686?           Newmoat - Trecwn

Llanstinan          dau & heiress John & Dorothy                      spouse:- Hugh Wogan         

Owen                John                                       1686? died      Newmoat

                    dau and heiress Mary Owen                         spouse:- Dorothy Owen       

Owen                Charles                                  1686c born      Orielton

                    son of Anne and  Sir Hugh Owen                    spouse:- Dorothy Corbett    

Owen/Annwyl        Elizabeth             1689 pre     Orielton

                    dau of Anne & Sir Hugh                            spouse:- 2 Mr Brereton      

Owen/Scourfield     Mary                   1693 Mar 19 diedMoat

Orielton            dau of Sir Hugh and Katherine  aged 50            spouse:- William Scourfield 

Scourfield          William                                 1695 died       Moat

                    had issue                                         spouse:- Mary Owen          

Owen (3rd Baronet)  Sir Arthur                     1695,1701-11,14 Orielton

                    MP-Mayor Pemb. 1704-6,24,High Sheriff07           spouse:- Emma Williams      

Owen  (4th Baronet) Sir William                    1697 born approxOrielton

Owen                Wyrriot                                  1697 Feb 1      Orielton

                    son of Anne and Hugh - admit Grays Inn                     

Owen                John                                       1698 born       Orielton

                    younger brother of Sir William (4th Bar)          spouse:- Anne Owen           

Owen                Colonel John                         1698 born approxOrielton

Owen                Arthur                                    1698 died       Pembroke

                    no surviving issue                                spouse:- Mary Powell        

Owen (2nd Baronet)  Sir Hugh                      1698-9 died     Orielton

                                                                      spouse:- Katherine Annwyl   

Owen (3rd Baronet)  Sir Arthur                     1699            Orielton

                    inherited                                         spouse:- Emma Williams      

Annwyl\Owen         Katherine           1699 died       Orielton

                                                                      spouse:- Sir Hugh Owen      

Owen (2nd Baronet)  Sir Hugh                      1699(pre)m2     Orielton

                    marr 2nd time - widow of Lewis Annywyl            spouse:- Katherine Annywyl  

Owen                Mary                                      1700 marr       Orielton

Boulston            dau of Anne & Sir Hugh                            spouse:- Edward Wogan       

Owen                Catherine                               1700c           Orielton

Chester             dau of Anne and Sir Hugh                          spouse:- John Williams      

Owen                Wyrriot                                  1700c marr      Robeston House

Talbenny            marr widow of Sackville Crow died 1700            spouse:- Dorothy Crow       

Owen                Arthur                                    1701 born approxOrielton

Chelsea             son of Sir Arthur and Emma                        spouse:- Martha Smale/Shewen

Williams            John                                       1702            Chester

                    Attorney General of Denbigh & Montgomery          spouse:- Catherine Owen     

Wogan               Edward                                 1702 pre diedOrielton

                    age approx 27                                     spouse:- Mary Owen          

Owen\Crow           Dorothy                1704 died       Johnston

Roberston House     wdw of Sackville Crow                             spouse:- Wyrriot Owen       

Owen                Wyrriot                                  1715 died       Roberston House

Talbenny            son of Anne and Sir Hugh                          spouse:- Dorothy Crow wdw   

Owen                Charles died age 30   1716            Nash, Langum parish

                    had issue                                         spouse:- Dorothy  Corbett   

Corbett\Owen        Dorothy                1716 pre        Nash, Langum parish

                                                                      spouse:- Wyrriot Owen       

Colby                          Lawrence                    1716 Feb 7      Bangeston nr Pembroke

                    appointed by Sir Arthur -cornet-militia

Owen\Barlow         Anne wdw                       1718 after      Lawrenny

                                                                      spouse:- Thomas Cornwallis 

Barlow                        Hugh                                       1718 pre        Lawrenny

                    son of John Barlow and Anne Owen                  spouse:- 1 Anne Skyrme      

Owen                Anne                                      1718 pre        Orielton

Lawrenny            dau of Anne and Sir Hugh                          spouse:- John Barlow        

Barlow              John                                       1718 died       Lawrenny

                    High Sheriff 1705 Anne was second wife.           spouse:- Anne Owen          

Barlow              Anne                                      1718c           Lawrenny

Nash,Langum parish  dau of John Barlow and Anne Owen                  spouse:- Wyrriot Owen (cousin)

Barlow              Dorothy                                 1718c           Lawrenny

Pricaston           dau of John Barlow and Anne Owen                  spouse:- John Lort.         

Barlow              Hugh                                     1718c?          Lawrenny

                    son of John Barlow and Anne Owen                  spouse:- 2 Elizabeth Owen   

Williams            Anne                                     1720c           Chester

                    dau and heiress of John and Catherine             spouse:- Sir William Owen   

Owen (4th Baronet)  Sir William                    1722            Orielton

                    MP served for 51 years                            spouse:- Elizabeth Lloyd    

Owen                Margaret                                1724            Orielton

                    dau of Sir Arthur and Emma                   unmarried          

Owen                Wyrriot                                  1724 pre        Orielton

                    son of Sir Arthur and Emma died young                      

Owen                Anne                                      1724 pre died   Orielton

                    dau of Sir Arthur and Emma died young                      

Owen                Dorothy                                 1724 pre died   Orielton

                    dau of Sir Arthur and Emma died young                      

Owen                Hugh 1                                  1724 pre died   Orielton

                    son of Sir Arthur and Emma died young                      

Owen                Catherine                               1724 pre died   Orielton

                    dau of Sir Arthur and Emma died young                       

Owen                Hugh 2                                  1724 pre died   Orielton

                    son of Sir Arthur and Emma died young                      

Williams/Owen       Emma                  1724 Sep 17died Lanforda Denbighshire

Orielton            only daughter of Sir William Williams             spouse:- Sir Arthur Owen    

Lloyd               Thomas                                   1725            Grove

                    dau Elizabeth marr Sir William Owen               spouse:- Mary Gwyn          

Lloyd \Owen         Elizabeth               1725 Dec 12marr Grove

Orielton            dau & coheiress Thomas Lloyd of Grove             spouse:- Sir William Owen   

Owen (4th Baronet)  Sir William                    1725 Dec 12 marr Orielton

                                                                      spouse:- Elizabeth Lloyd    

Owen (5th Baronet)  Sir Hugh                       1729            Chester

Orielton            son of Anne and Sir William                       spouse:- Anne Colby         

Owen                Anne                                      1729 after      Orielton

                    dau of Anne & Sir William               died unmarried.    

Owen                Arthur                                    1729 after      Orielton

Apsley Bedfordshire Lt Col 3rd Foot Guards                            spouse:- Anne Thursby       

Owen                Elizabeth                               1731 marr 1     Orielton

Penrhos Anglesey    dau of Sir Arthur and Emma                        spouse:- William Owen       

Cornwallis          Hon. Thomas           1732 died

                                                                      spouse:- Anne Owen\Barlow   

Willaims \ Owen     Anne                    1734 after marr Chester

Orielton            dau of John Williams\Catherine Owen               spouse:- Sir William Owen    

Owen                Elizabeth                               1736 marr 2     Orielton

Lawrenny            dau of Sir Arthur & Emma wdw W. Owen              spouse:- Hugh Barlow        

Owen                John (Colonel)           1736 Nov 5 marr Orielton

                    bro of Sir William (4th Baronet)                  spouse:- Anne Owen          

Owen\Owen           Anne                    1736 Nov 5 marr Nash

Ireland             dau of Charles Owen and Dorothy Corbet            spouse:- John Owen (Col)    

Owen ( 7th Baronet) Arthur              1740 Sep 29     Covent Garden

Orielton            son of Col John Owen and Anne Owen      unmarried          

Owen (4th Baronet)  Sir William                    1743 after marr2Orielton

                    she was his cousin                                spouse:- Anne Williams      

Lloyd \Owen         Elizabeth               1743 approx died Grove

Orielton            dau of Thomas Lloyd                               spouse:- Sir William Owen   

Owen                William                                  1746 Sep 30 born Rotterdam

                    son of Col John Owen and Anne Owen                         

Owen                Hugh Michael (Rev)              1748 Sep 29 born Frith St Soho

Aberffraw           son of Col John Owen and Anne Owen                spouse:- 1 ? Lyon, 2A.Griffith

Owen                Emma                                    1749 Dec 30     Dublin

Lawrenny            dau of Col John Owen and Anne Owen                spouse:- Hugh Owen\Barlow   

Owen                Charles Lt 59th Foot 1750 c

                    son of Col John Owen and Anne Owen      unmarried

Owen\Lord           Corbetta                1750-1 Feb 17 bn Dublin

Pembroke            dau of Col John Owen and Anne Owen                spouse:- Joseph Lord        

Owen\Owen           Anne                    1750-1 Feb 21 d Dublin

Nash                died after birth of dau Corbetta                  spouse:- John Owen (Col)    

Owen                John (Colonel)           1750-61         Ireland

                    became Lt Gov. bro Sir William (4th Bar)          spouse:- Anne Owen          

Owen                Emma                                    1751            Orielton

Williamston         dau of Sir Arthur and Emma                        spouse:- William Bowen      

Owen (3rd Baronet)  Sir Arthur                     1754 Jun 6 died Orielton

                                                                      spouse:- Emma Williams      

Owen                Arthur                                    1757 born approx Chelsea

Paddington 1801     son of Arthur and Martha- became parson unmarried          

Bowen               William                                 1762 died       Williamston

                                                                      spouse:- Emma Owen          

Barlow              Hugh                                     1763 died       Lawrenny

                                                                      spouse:- Elizabeth Owen     

Willaims\Owen       Anne                                1764 Dec 21 diedOrielton

                                                                      spouse:- Sir William Owen   

Owen                Elizabeth                               1764 marr       Orielton

Dyffryn             dau of Anne & Sir William                         spouse:- Thomas Price       

Owen (5th Baronet)  Sir Hugh                       1770-86         Orielton

                    MP also Colonel of Pemb. Militia                  spouse:- Anne Colby         

Owen                William (Brig Gen)    1771 Jun 11 marr   Dublin

Marinique           son of Col John Owen and Anne                     spouse:- Anne Tripp         

Thursby \Owen       Anne                    1774 Jul 8      Abingdon

Apsley              dau of John Harvey Thursby                        spouse:- Arthur Owen        

Owen                Arthur                                    1774 Jul 8 marr Orielton

Apsley Bedfordshire son of Anne & Sir William                         spouse:- Anne Thursby       

Owen\Lord           Corbetta                1774 marr       Pembroke

Dublin              dau of Col John and Anne Owen                     spouse:- Joseph Lord        

Owen                William                                  1775 Apr 11born Port Mahon Minorca

Lawrenny            son of William Owen (B.Gen)\Anne Tripp  unmarried          

Colby\Owen          Anne                                 1775 Sep 16marr Bletherston

Orielton            dau of Grace and John Colby                       spouse:- Sir Hugh Owen      

Owen (5th Baronet)  Sir Hugh                       1775 Sep 16marr Orielton

                    son of Anne And Sir William                       spouse:- Anne Colby         

Owen\Bowen          Emma                  1777 approx diedOrielton

Williamston         dau of Sir Arthur and Emma -no issue              spouse:- William Bowen      

Lord \Owen          John                                   1777 born       Pembroke

                    son of Joseph Lord and Corbetta Owen              spouse:- 1Charlotte 2 Mary  

Owen\Price          Elizabeth                1777 Feb 20 died Dyffryn

Orielton            dau of Anne & Sir William                         spouse:- Thomas Price       

Shewen\Smale\Owen   Martha                       1781            Swansea

Chelsea             dau of Mjr Shewen, wdw Alexander Smale            spouse:- Arthur Owen        

Owen (4th Baronet)  Sir William                    1781 May 7 died Orielton

                    age 84                                            spouse:- Anne Williams       

Owen (6th Baronet)  Sir Hugh                       1782 Sep 12brn     Orielton

                    only child of Sir Hugh and Anne Colby   unmarried          

Owen (5th Baronet)  Sir Hugh                       1786 Jan 15 died Orielton

                    age 57                                            spouse:- Anne Colby         

Owen\Owen\Barlow    Elizabeth                    1788 Nov died   Lawrenny

                    dau of Sir Arthur and Emma twice widowed          spouse:- Hugh Barlow        

Owen\Barlow         Emma                  1788 Oct died   Bath

Lawrenny, Dublin    dau of Col John Owen and Anne Owen                spouse:- Hugh Owen\Barlow   

Owen\Barlow         Hugh                    1789            Lawrenny

                    son of Wyrriot Owen and Anne Barlow               spouse:- 1Emma, 2 Anne      

Owen                Arthur                                    1790 died       Apsley

                    son of Anne and Sir William                       spouse:- Anne Thursby       

Owen                William (Brig Gen)    1795 died       Fort St George Martinique (yellow fever)

                    son of Col John Owen and Anne Owen                spouse:- Anne Tripp         

Owen                Hugh (Royal Navy)               1801 drowned    Aberffraw

                    son of Rev Hugh M Owen and Anne         unmarried          

Owen                Arthur Rev                            1805 died ?     Paddington

                    son of Martha and Arthur

Lord\Owen           John                                   1809            Pembroke

Orielton            inherited the Orielton Estates - changed name       spouse:- 1 Charlotte 2 Mary 

Owen (6th Baronet)  Sir Hugh                       1809            Orielton

                    MP also was High Sheriff of Pemb 1804    unmarried          

Owen (7th Baronet)  Sir Arthur                      1809            Orielton

India               succeded to the title                   unmarried          

Owen (6th Baronet)  Sir Hugh                       1809 Aug 8 died Orielton

                    age 27                                  unmarried           

Owen\Barlow         Hugh                    1809 Jan 23 died Lawrenny

                    age 79                                            spouse:- 2 Anne Barlow       

Tripp\Owen          Anne                                  1809 Sep 20 died Huntspill and Taunton

Martinique          dau of John Tripp, Huntspill and Taunton    spouse:- William Owen (B.Gen)

Griffiths\Owen      Anne                     1810 c          Aberffraw

Bangor              dau of William Edwards of Bangor                  spouse:- Rev Hugh M Owen    

Thursby\Owen\Hart   Anne                            1810 Jun died   Bath\ Apsley

Abingdon            remarried after Arthur Owen died                  spouse:- Colonel Hart of Bath

Owen                Hugh Michael (Rev)              1810 Mar died   Aberffraw

                    son of Col John and Anne Owen                     spouse:- 2 Anne Griffiths wdw

Owen                Sir John                                 1810-41         Orielton

                    MP                                                spouse:- 1 Charlotte 2 Mary 

Owen                Charles                                  1812 died       Aberffraw                                                  

                    son of Rev Hugh M Owen and Anne         unmarried          

Lord\Owen           John                                   1813 Jan 12     Orielton

                    created Baronet                                   spouse:- 1 Charlotte 2 Mary 

Owen ( 8th Baronet) William                         1817            Middle Temple

Lawrenny            inherited title on death of his uncle   unmarried          

Owen (7th Baronet)  Sir Arthur                      1817 Jan 4 died Orielton

India               had been Adjutant General in E. India    unmarried          

Owen                John Mjr 61st Foot    1820 died       Jamaica

Aberffraw           son of Rev Hugh M. Owen and Anne        unmarried          

Colby\Owen          Anne                                 1823 Apr 11 died Orielton, Lawrenny

Bath, London.                                                         spouse:- Sir Hugh Owen      

Owen                Elizabeth Anne          1828 died       Weston nr Bath

Aberffraw           dau of Rev Hugh M Owen and Anne         unmarried          

Owen                Arthur Mjr                             1835 died       Bengal

Aberffraw           son of Rev Hugh M Owen and Anne         unmarried          

Owen (8th Baronet)  Sir William                    1844 Aug 5      Middle Temple

Lawrenny            changed name to Owen Barlow             unmarried          

Barlow              Anne                                      1844 died       Lawrenny

Aldeburgh           dau of Philip Champion de Crespigny MP            spouse:- Hugh Owen Barlow   

Owen Barlow (8.Bar) William                        1851 Feb 25 died5 Fig Tree Court Temple  London   Lawrenny            last baronet of the 1641 creation       unmarried          

Owen                Sir John                                 1861 Feb 6      Taynton

Orielton            estate had been sold 1857 to pay debts.


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