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St Leonard SN 064090

The plain pointed chancel arch date the nave and chancel to the 13th century. The north doorway, south porch, and perhaps also the belfry corbelled out above this west gable, are 16th century.

This benefice was appendant to the manor of Yerbeston, which was owned by Sir John Wogan of Wiston, Pems., in 1557. - Inq. P.M. of John Wogan, 4 and 5 Phil. and Mary.

The advowson came into the possession of the Barlows of Slebech prior to 1613 (Inq. P.M. of John Barlow of Slebech, II Jac r), and continued in the hands of that family until the death of Anne (the heiress of George Barlow), who married as her second husband John Symmons of Llanstillan, Pems.

Yerbaston Rectoria. - Ecclesia ibidem ex presentacione Johannis Wogan armigeri patroni ibidem unde Philippus Lloid est rector. St gleba et fructus hujusmodi beneficii valent per annum ex. Inde sol' in sinodalibus et pro-curacionibus quolibet atmo vs ix. Et in visitaeione ordinaria quolibet tercio anno xvjd ob'. Et remanet clare 103S. 8id. Inde decima 10s. 4d. - Valor Eccl.

Under the heading "Livings Discharged": - Jarbeston alias Yerbeston R. (St. Lawrence). Syn. and Pros. quolibet anno, 5s. gd. Ordinar. quolibet tertio anno, 1s. 4d. John Wogan, Esq., 1535; Sir John Barlow, 1700; John Barlow, Esq., 1718; John Symmons, Esq., 1781. Clear yearly value, £33 King’s Books, £5 3s. 8d. - Bacon's Liber Regis.

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