Jameston, Jefferston, Johnston, Jordanston.

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Jameston -- Mission Room -- Parish of Manorbier.

Inventory of the Goods of the Bishop of St David's 1293   PRO  KR    E154/1/48.

Apud SCTU JACOBU (St. James - Jameston, Pembs.)

There are in the grange 27 cribs of wheat worth 4.14.6. at 3s. 6d. per crib.

6 cribs of beans and peas worth 9s. at 3s. per crib.

25 cribs of barley worth its. 9d. at 2s. 9d. per crib.

6 cribs of oats worth 27s. at 4s. per crib.

Total 9.19.3.

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Jefferston    (SN 090065)

SS. Jeffrey & Oswald.

Acc/to the Topographical  Dictionary of Wales -  S. Lewis 1834.

Jeffreston a parish in the hundred of Narberth county of Pembroke 7 miles S by W from Narberth containing  610 inhabitants. The village is pleasantly situated on a well-wooded eminence, and forms a conspicuous and interesting feature in the views from adjacent parts of the country. Near the turnpike road from Narberth to Pembroke, which passes through the parish and about half way between Creswell Quay and the church is Cresselly, the seat of I  H Allen Esq., surrounded with luxuriant plantations. The substrata of the soil of this parish are stone coal and culm, which have been wrought to a very great extent, and still continue to be procured, though on a smaller scale. The mines are thought to be nearly exhausted, but it is probable that, by carrying the shaft to a greater depth, an abundance supply might still be obtained. The coal is shipped at Creswell quay, in a branch of the Milford Haven extending for a mile and a half to the south and partly in this parish, for the coast of Sussex in vessels of about 80 tons burden. The living is a vicarage in the archdeaconry and diocese of St David's rated in the king's books at 4  17  6d., endowed with 200 private benefaction 600 royal bounty and 1000 parliamentary grant and in the patronage of the Chapter of St David's The church  dedicated to St Jeffry and St Oswald is not distinguished by any remarkable architectural features. The average annual expenditure for the maintenance of the poor is 231  5s.

Acc/to The Old Parish Churches of South West Wales -- Mike Salter  1994.

East of the north transept with a squint is a narrow chapel of two bays, whilst west of the transept is a square chapel or vestry. On the south side is another narrow chapel of two bays with a vault. These parts have no datable features. The west tower and vaulted porch are probably 15c. There were no north windows prior to the Victorian restoration. A churchyard cross lies nearby.

Gruffith            John                1543            Geffreston                              PRO 223/423                             Churchwarden.

Acc to Pembrokeshire Parsons.

This church appears to have originally belonged to the priory of Pembroke and together with the church of St. Issell's was granted by William, prior of Pembroke, and his consent, to the canons of St. Davids, subject to the payment of an annual pension 2s. from each of the two churches to the prior of Pembroke. - Stat. Menev. This grant must have been made between 28 Jan., 133I, (as John Savage was at that date prior of Pembroke. -  Pay Rolls), and Aug., 1339, as on the latter date Henry Gower, Bishop of St Davids, with the Consent at his chapter, united the trio churches to question on account of their poverty, and ordained that the church at St. Issell's should be served by a vicar to be presented by the chapter, and that the church of "Villa Galfredi" [Jeireyston should be served by a chaplain. How long this union of Jeireyston with St. Issell's continued is unknown, but it is certain that it was dissolved before 1534].

Described as " Ecclesia de Villa Galfri, this church was in 1291 assessed at 5 for tenths to the king, the amount payable being 10s - Taxatio.

Gelfreston Vicaria. - Vicaria ibidern ad collacionem canonicorum residentium ecclesie Meneszensis unde Johannes Luell est vicarius et valet cum gleba c6 Inde sol" in visitacione archidiaconi quolibet armo pro sinodalibus et procuracionibus ijB vjd Et remanet dare 4 17s. 6d. Inde decima 8s. 8d. - Valor Eccl.

Under the heading "Livings remaining in Charge": -  Jeffreyston V. (St Jeffry and St. Oswald). Syn and Prox. quolibet anno 2s. 6d. Plebe &c. Chantor and Chapter of St. Davids Impr. and Patr. The King, 1740, 1761. King's Books, 4 17s. 6d. Yearly tenths, 8s. 8d -  Bacon's Liber Regis.

It appears from the accounts of William Waryn, communarius of St. Davids Cathedral, that in 1490 the tithes of Jeffreyston and St. Issells were leased to Mr. David Wogan at a rent of 10. Later on the tithes of each living appear to have been leased separately. On 20 July, 1555, a lease of the tithes of Jeffreysten was granted to David Nash of Carmarthen, gent., for 50 years, at a rent of 4 yearly to the chapter, and 4 13s. 4d. to the vicar of the parish. On 27 July, 1682, a lease of these tithes was granted to George Lucy, Esq., for 21 years at a rent of 64, the tenant to provide and pay a curate to perform the services at the church. Exactly four years later, the same George Lucy obtained a lease for 21 years (presumably on a surrender of the previous lease) at the same rent, but with power to dig for coal for his own use on payment of 2d. rent for it. On 27 July, 1698, a lease of the tithes for 21 years was granted to Elizabeth Lucy, widow of Mr. George Lucy at a rent of 4; she also had the right to dig for coal for her own use at a rent of 2d.; for this lease a fine of 40 was paid - Mrs. Lucy in 1719 sold this lease to Mr. Duncan Baynes, a surgeon at Pembroke, in whose family it continued till 1766, when it was assigned to Mr. Allen of Cresselly. Mr. Allen renewed the lease in 1771 at a rent of 14 a year, and for this paid a fine of 40. The lease expired in 1806, and Mr. Allen having declined to again rent the tithes, they were leased to Hugh Barlow, MP., for 21 years at a rack rent of 155 per annum.

According to the Diocesan Report in 1809, the yearly value of this benefice arising from augmentation fixed stipend, and surplice fees was 47 19s.

On 24 July, 1867, consent was given by the chapter of St. David's for the rebuilding of Jeffreyston Church. It was restored in 1868; a good east window was put in and the north transept was enlarged to the dimensions of the nave - Arch Camb.

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Johnston    (933105)

Village S of Haverfordwest were the A4076 crosses the railway.

Church - Classic "Little England" building with tall tower.

Acc/to The Old Parish Churches of South West Wales -- Mike Salter  1994.

Johnston  St Peter: Johnston is named after the late 12c knight John de Rupe whose son Thomas built the church in the early 13c. The nave and chancel doorways may be that early. The chancel doorway was soon blocked and two sedilia built against it on the inside. There are tiny transepts and beside them are recesses. a piscina was discovered in the south transept in the restoration of 1908. The chancel has 15c windows and has a chancel arch with narrow openings either side.

Johnston Hall  once the home of the Kensington family.

1415 11 August. Exchange of benefices. Institution of Sir William Carpenter to the church of Johnston on the presentation of the Prior and Convent of the Blessed Mary of Pill and of Sir William Lightfote to the church of Treffgarne on the presentation of Hugh Burgh lord of the manor of Treffgarne. Given at Portchester.

Acc/to Pembrokeshire Parsons.

The patronage of this rectory was granted by Thomas de Rupe (Roch), the son of John de Rupe, to the prior of  Pill. The Church is described in the grant as  - ecclesia de villa Johannis." - Dug. Monas. On the dissolution of the monastic houses the living came into the hands of the Crown in whose patronage it has continued to the present day. It is now annexed to the vicarage of Steynton. The benefice of Steynton appears to have been held by the incumbent of Johnston ever since 1662.

Johneston. - Ecclesia ibidern ex collacione prioris de Pulla unde Magister Thomas Jones est rector habens mansionem et terras. Et valet in toto communibus annis liij5 iiijd. Inde sol" in ordinaria visitacione quoli-bet tercio anno viijd. In visitacione Archidiaconi pro procuracionibus et sinodalibus quolibet anno v6 ixd. St in quadam pensione sol" de rectoria predicta priori de Pulla annuatirn vj8 viij. Et remanet clare 40s. 3d. Inde decima 4s. 0d. - Valor Eccl.

Under the heading "Livings Discharged": - Johnston R. united to Staineton. Ordinario quolibet tertio anno, 8d. Archidiac, quolibet anno, 5s. gd. Pens. Pri. de Pulla, 6s. 8d. Prince of Wales; Prior de Pulla olim Patr. Clear yearly value 24, 100. King's Books, 2 0s. 5d. - Bacon's liber Regis.

On 23 Sept., 1908, a faculty was granted for re-flooring and re-seating the parish church.

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Jordanston                                   (918324)

Church   -  St Cawda: Rebuilt 1797, tower added 1863.

Acc/to The Old Parish Churches of South West Wales -- Mike Salter  1994.

A Norman font survived the total rebuilding of the church in 1797 and 1863. This rectory appears to have been in private patronage from very early times. In 1594 the right of presentation belonged to Sir John Wogan of Boulston, and was appendant to the manor of Jordanston. - Owen's Pem.

Described as Ecclesia de Villa Jordani, this church was in 1291 assessed at 6 13s. 4d. for tenths to the King, the amount payable being 13S. 4d. - Taxatio.

Jordaneston Rectoria. - Doctor Bach rector habet unum ten" reysoriam ibidem que valet per annum x ex collacione Richardi Wogan de Bolyston. liLt valet fructus et oblaciones dicte ecclesie Ennuatim vj. Inde in visitacione ordinaria quolibet te-cie anno gd. Et pro procuracionibus et sinodalibus alchidiacono quelibet anno iiijS ixd. Summa allocaciol" vjs vd. 13t rernanet clare 6 3s. 7d. Inde decima 12s 4d. - Valor Eccl.

Under the heading "Livings Discharged": - Jordanston alias Tre Jordan R. (St. Cwlda). Visit. quelibet tertio anno, IS. Syn. Archidiac. quolibet anno 4s. 9d. Lewis Vaughan, Esq., 1714; John Vaughan, Esq., 1766; Gwynn Vaughan, Esq., 1772. Clear yearly value, 20. King's Books, 6 3s. 9d. - Bacon's Liber Regis.

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